Job Openings

Service Project Manager

The Project Manager will be responsible for the expeditious flow of projects as they move through contract administration, engineering, manufacturing, and field installation. They are ultimately responsible for maximizing efficiency and profitability of projects assigned.

Integrity is most important for any position in the company; earning the customer’s trust is key.  The position will receive requests for bid mainly via phone and e-mail.  Fast response to a multitude of requests is mandatory.  Flexibility to estimate and project manage a high volume of small projects is mandatory. Project Managers are to assume “Ownership” of projects assigned.  

 The Project Manager primary responsibilities: 

  • Understand verbal bid requests and navigate extensive customer websites to locate the plans and specifications pertaining to the job he/she will estimate.
  • Review the superintendent’s preliminary proposal. 
  • Visit job sites for evaluation of difficulties and attend “job walks” as needed.
  • Attend pre-construction meetings as needed.
  • Meet with existing customers or contact new customers and explain how their needs could be met by our Service Department
  • Formulate proper Requests for Information to the customer. 
  • Make decisions what systems/materials to use where the specifications allow for several options.  
  • Understand the difficulty of installing various systems to estimate labor cost correctly.  
  • negotiate terms with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • negotiate terms with customers.
  • Always willing to seek out new ideas on selling and marketing strategies
  • Collaborate with the in-house marketing team
  • Must be available during business hours via the company provided smartphone; must be available outside of normal business hours for any customer, technicians or scheduling needs

Skills required:

  • Understand Windows operating system.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel with proficiency
  • Read blueprints in Bluebeam
  • Understand and prepare budgets
  • Ability to adjust to different personalities from construction workers to business people to architects is crucial. 
  • Needs to be able to handle the pressure of deadlines.
  • Be professional, always courteous, always calm with a good sense of humor.
  • Always willing to assist customers with finding solutions


  • Minimum Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration, Management or Engineering or equivalent courses/work experience
  • 3 years experience in glazing industry
  • High level of fluency reading plans, specifications, and related project documents
  • Key competencies; initiative, teamwork, managing for results, and leadership

Glass Contractors Licenses

CA 630124
NV 0044805
AZ 141159
NM 370792

Salary Range: $76,438.67 – $113,895.00