Why should you work at Giroux Glass?

Giroux Glass offers glazing and architectural metals services that exceed customer expectations and defy engineering challenges. Our valued team members take full ownership of their work and reap the personal rewards for jobs well done.

  • Fully employee-owned since 2017
  • Industry-leading benefit packages
  • Repeated placement on various “Best Companies to Work for” lists

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Giroux Glass 100% Employee Owned

Our Culture Is Unique

We call our employees “partners” and for good reason. As employee-owners , when we each do our best, we all succeed. You’ll find a unique culture of collaboration and camaraderie at our workplaces that is rare today. Our team members cite those factors, along with engaging work and seeing a path for personal growth as reasons they highly recommend to others working at Giroux.
*According to a 2022 employee survey

Careers in Glazing

Glaziers are the trained professionals who fabricate and install architectural and structural glass, metals and related products in commercial and residential buildings and structures.

Some of the skills involved include:

  • following blueprints and client specifications
  • removing existing glass
  • cutting glass to exact size and shape requirements
  • using tools to ensure proper fitting
  • making or installing sashes and moldings
  • fastening glass into sashes or frames
  • sealing joints

List of Typical Jobs

Field Jobs

  • Apprentice glazier
  • Journeyman glazier
  • Supervisor
  • Foreman

Non-Field Jobs

  • Accounting and payroll
  • CAD technician
  • Project manager
  • Project coordinator
  • Project estimator
  • Internship

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Once you’re a part of the team, you’re a part of the Giroux Glass family. We’re looking to hire experienced, enthusiastic candidates who will be the right fit with our corporate culture. Giroux operates branches in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Fresno, Orange County, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.